Trip To Kareri Lake
₹ 11,450
Located high between the ranges of Dhauladhar Kareli Lake is an ideal place to seek some adventure. Its surface is 2934 meters above the sea level. Kareri Lake also known as Kumarwah Lake. Being famous in trekkers and nature lovers Kareli Lake offers you some splendid views which you have never seen before. Snow melting from the Dhauladhar range serves as the source of the lake and a stream, Nyund is the outflow. As the source of water is fresh melting snow, you will find the water is clear like crystal and you can see the lake bed distinctly. The fact says, the lake remains frozen from early December to March–April. Kareri Lake is named after the nearby gaddi village of Kareri, situated 9 km south-east of the lake.  This trek also takes you through green meadows, spruce forests, oak - pine trees making your trek most spectacular. The Kareri Lake is the third largest natural lake in the Dhauladhar region. read more read less