It took us five months, a lot of imagination and a lot of hard work to transform this fishing trawler into a cruise boat. Right from the beginning it was a conscious effort from our part to make it beautiful not only from outside but also keeping in mind the small details that our guests kept pointing to us in the last five years of our tour experience. Amongst it, the prime was clean toilets and comfortable beds. Now into its present form, Elmar has five sleeping cabins, (two single and four double), one western and one Indian toilet (very clean) a watchtower for bird watching and a spacious deck.
Termed as one of the most beautiful boat in Sundarbans, by locals and tourist alike, it awaits you for a trip into one of the largest mangrove in the world.
Elmar in Spanish means “the sea”. Although it ventures only into the salt water rivers of Sundarban it has all the characteristics of meeting the sea, if required. Not to be forgotten that it was initially built to be a fishing trawler.

2 Hours Available on request Sundarbans
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